Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, I developed a passion for equity in design at a young age. This passion led me to Tuskegee University, where I earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2010.  Tuskegee’s focus on culturally inclusive architecture and social problems inspired me to pursue a career in planning, and I enrolled in the Master of Community Planning program at Auburn University. Upon graduating in 2012, I began my career at Duvall Decker Architects P. A. as a associate designer and lead community planner.

For nearly 5 years, I have worked in inner city neighborhoods and communities in the Mississippi Delta Region, both characterized by severe poverty and long histories of oppression. While many resources have been poured into these communities, they have not experienced significant growth or development.

I found that developing a restorative process by which these communities can experience significant growth requires extensive research and in-depth problem solving.  For this reason, I am interested in studying the sociological implication of  oppression in order to develop holistic and innovative planning strategies that empower communities to accomplish inclusive, healthy growth.

Motivated by this question of growth,  I enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Planning and Development program at Sol Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California.

My life’s goals are to live abundantly, laugh often, and promote justice.  When I’m not planning, I am either eating or thinking about food, enjoying or producing art, or traveling. I am an avid people watching; I am always eager hear people’s stories, learn how they think and understand why they do what they do.