I am Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Planning and Development at the Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California. My research interrogates the relationship between place, planning, and trauma and explores reparative policies and processes that center community care and thrive on community agency.

I am a Health Policy Research Scholar seeking to integrate health and well-being approaches into my analysis planning and development processes. Health Policy Research Scholars is a national leadership program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It seeks to build equity by investing in scholars from populations traditionally underrepresented in graduate programs whose research, connections, and leadership will inform and influence policy toward a Culture of Health.

I am the founder and principal at SaHA Planning Studio. SaHA Planning Studio facilitates innovative and reparative planning processes by integrating theory and practice. Our goal is to build collective well-being through projects rooted in community voice, knowledge, and agency. We create interventions that strengthen a community’s ability to thrive in place through expansive research and analysis.